The Islacom Network is a multifaceted company that is continuing to expand in the media and entertainment industry.

Currently we operate as the parent company, for Elev8tion Now and The Elevation Awards, in which we will serve as an entertainment-based membership, a digital television network and an entertainment based award show.

In using our experience in media and communications, we have created Elev8tion Now, which is a new platform that subsequently seeks to serve the Entertainment Industry and its viewership.

By the introduction of this phase of The Islacom Network, it is our hope to expand into the Caribbean Markets through the use of media and broadcast, the awards platform, and networking strategies through membership in Elev8tion Now.

In more detail, Elev8tion Now is a Caribbean web based broadcast network and multimedia group that will provide entertainment based programming, news and other programming that caters mainly to the Caribbean Markets. By extension, it also seeks to interconnect artists, producers, vloggers and other entertainers through a membership platform that offers assistance, discounts and information through workshops and master classes to help further advance their careers.