Bodine Victoria Releases Official Video for “Juicy Fruit”

8TH July, 2019, Nassau, The Bahamas

What’s summer without some Juicy Fruit?  Luckily for you, you don’t have to wait to find out.  BodineVictoria presents an entire Juice Bar of your favorite fruit, set against the background of the historic Doongalik Art Gallery estate and its Craft Cottage.

Juicy Fruit, written by Bodine herself and produced by Rik Carey of BahaMen, is one of the artists’ classic songs which draws inspiration from Goombay and Junkanoo.  Musically, there are many inspirations ranging from Dry Bread, to Geno D, Swain & The Citations and Dr. Off, blended perfectly through the genius of Rik Carey,  In the video, Bodine pays visual homage to classic Bahamian songs like Joseph Spences’ rendition of Don’t Touch Mi Tomato, Dry Bread’s Sweet, Sweet, Sappodilly, and the Caribbean classic Big Bamboo among many others.  See if you can spot them all.  There are quite a few.

Ring play, romance, Commerce and the Arts are all prominent themes in Juicy Fruit.  The Farmer’s Market is an important aspect of the video as it represents Bahamian art and culture in many forms and the businesses that Bahamians have traditionally been a part of.  Estreja Unique Straw Work, The Coconut Factory, Havashell Productions and Pursenal Paradiyse all show in the film. What’s just as entertaining is all the playful innuendo that Bodine is known for in her music.

Watch BodineVictoria’s Juicy Fruit shot and directed by Sherard Campbell of iFocus Visuals assisted by Chris Seemore.

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